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From the producers of PETS RESCUE and ALPHARAY comes their biggest 8-bit production yet! Lykia is an epic quest for the C64 and expanded C16 + Plus/4 that spans 4 disk-sides! The beautifully presented adventure features lots of characters to interact with as you help Nora on her magical quest to find the lost island.

 ** STORY ** 

It's Nora's 16th birthday - but this was to be a birthday like none other!

Sent to pick apothia fruits by her mother something very strange and magical happened when Nora touched the fruit - an ancient spell was disturbed that affected all the people and animals throughout the land!

It also gave Nora special powers! And now it's up to you to discover what is happening and to help various characters that she encounters on her travels.


· Stunning cinematic intro

· Interactive soundtracks

· Absorbing storyline

· Inventory system

· Lots of characters to meet

· Huge map to explore

· Night & Day modes

· Game fills 4 disk sides

· C64 version is c64mini/maxi compatible

 ** CREDITS ** 

Main Coding: Stefan Mader

Lead Artist: Róbert Kisnémeth

Story: Olaf Nowacki

Music and SFX: Ronny Doll (Plus/4) Markus Jentsch (C64)

Additional Graphics: Rainer Mühr & Stefan Mader

Additional Code: Balázs SzabóImre SzéllChristian Bauer (and the Frodo staff)

Assistance: Lena Kilkka

Testing: Louie Dimovski & Jason Mackenzie

Box Art: Trevor Storey

LYKIA - THE LOST ISLAND will also be available to buy as physical editions from Psytronik Software & Protovision. Please visit their websites for details of how to order the game.

Updated 18 days ago
Published 25 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorPsytronik Software
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tagscommodore, Commodore 64, Fantasy, plus4, Retro

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LYKIA - The Lost Island is a game for the Commodore 64 and Commodore Plus/4 computers. You can play the game in an emulator (we recommend VICE for the C64 and YAPE for the Plus/4 ) or you can port the game onto the real hardware if you have the resources to do so. The download file features the .d64 (disk version) of the game for the C64 & Plus/4.


Lykia V1.1 (.d64, .crt + SD2IEC) 21 MB

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Awesome experience playing this game but stuck after you come back via boat with 2 coins left to give but no idea where those characters are to give to? Any assistance would be appreciated

Absolutely amazing release. Thank-you for supporting the retro scene and taking the time to produce such a polished and stunning game. Looking forward to the physical version. Expect to see a full review in the next Reset :-

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Love the easyflash ver for load times. 969K cart...damn! I see you fixed a bug with crt saving recently in the tracker so waiting for the next release. Great work!

we publish updated versions on www.puls4r.de.. However, the last versions were buggy. You can expect a version 1.2 in the next week...

Thanks so much for an easyflash version! Is saved function  meant to work? I get a 'I couldn't save your game' error using my Kung Fu flash.

Just tested the Easyflash support on Vice (emulator) and it works fine, no problems with saving there. It has been reported to work fully on several real Easyflash devices already. Maybe you need the latest KungFuFlash firmware? If there are further problems, you can use the bugtracking.txt files link in the zip file, or write to the eMail address given on top of that linked GoogleDoc.


Hi guys, the download bundle has now been updated to include an SD2IEC compatible version of the game along with a .crt easyflash version. Enjoy!

This is great! Thanks!

I can't get it to work with my flat C128 + 1571.  The same disks and C128 work with a 1541 drive, however.

Is it possible for a d81 image with all files to be made, so disk swapping is not needed on an emulator?

Common D81 disks feature a maximum of 296 files. This is far too few for Lykia.

Didn't know of the file # limit, however, the .crt file does work as desired.

Which C64 program can I use to write the D64s to disk? All the D64 writers I could find can't copy 40 track disks :(


I've used CBMTransfer (part of the OpenCBM suite) along with a XUM1541 type hardware interface to read and write D64 disks before.

Any chance a BackBit compatible version might be released?

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Absolutely amazing. It's so cool that we're getting story driven games of that kind of beauty and epicness for our beloved old home computers! After recently enjoying Briley Witch Chronicles, and now this,  I can't put into words how delighted I am! Most games for the old machines have always been platformers or shooting games, and therefore I celebrate this release ten times as much, even for just being a story based roleplaying game! And while I still hopefully await a good strategy title like, (8 Bit Battle Isle or Advance Wars/Famicom wars, the hope never dies--) this is so goood, too!! :3

Yeah I'm planning on buying the physical release as well! :3


Quite possibly the most beautiful Plus/4 game I've ever seen! I've added the game to my Homebrew Games Database and made a video of the Plus/4 game on Youtube!

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Can't get the game to work on TheC64 Maxi. I open "lykia_disc1", after the "loading" page appears, it gets stuck. Am I doing something wrong? Edit: a CJM-File with th accuratedisk command seems to solve the problem.

NTSC + SD2IEC, great game however it seems if I watch the entire intro the game hangs up. If I skip the intro it continues into the game fine.


This looks great! I love a good Zelda-esque game :-)


Wow! Thanks :D


Featured this right on cue! NICE :D

very good


Awesome game! Small gamplay:

Great! Thanks for the gameplay video!

In the video you can see "Nathan's Journey" (a small demo for Lykia that was released in advance).