Lykia V1.1 now available

Greetings, adventurers!

Good news! A new updated version of Lykia is now available. The FREE download bundle now includes the following updates:-

SD2IEC version now included!

C64 easyflash cartridge version included in .crt format for easy play and instant loading on the C64mini/maxi!

A few other minor fixes here and there to make the game an even more enjoyable experience.

Have fun!

Kenz /


Lykia V1.1 (.d64, .crt + SD2IEC) 21 MB
Jul 22, 2022

Get Lykia - The Lost Island (C64 + Plus/4) [FREE]


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Trying to save using the Easyflash CRT version, and getting a failed message from Gomez. Having to rely on saving states in VICE itself (using version 3.1 here) to not lose progress.