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Hi, is this the full version or a demo? And if it's the full version then why do you have the demo version on the official Psytronik site and not the full version in there also?

I playe al little bit with the Options and after a Reboot of the Computer the game worked well. :) Great game. :)

I installed the Game on Win10, but the Game shows only a Black-Screen. I have Direct X 12.

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Hi, you could try right-clicking on the game .exe file and then change the compatibility mode for the file to an earlier version of Windows. Win 7 or XP. Also, have you tried changing the graphic option from Direct X to Open GL? And you could also try running the game in a Window rather than full-screen. There are loads of options available so hopefully one should work for you. I've tested the game on two different Windows 10 PCs and the game worked with no problems.