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I've looked for an email address contact you but couldn't find one. Just wanted to know how you coded it on a C64 in these days?..I'm hoping your answer would be C# on visual studio lol

lol, more like 6502 Assembly.

Sorry for the very long response. I more or less missed this :)
X-Force was designed using Char Pad V1.8 and Sprite Pad V1.8 by Saul, and I worked on the main programming and music (unless you played the CF archive version, which featured music from Breakthrough (Used with permission of course) . The game was programmed in C64Studio, which is more or less similar to ACME cross assembler. The music and sound effects were all made using Goat Tracker V2.


I played this on my Indie Game Showcase and playing this along with a few others is why I ended up investing in the C64 Mini. Although, I played this on PC, X-Force 2015 was a little rough around the edges. The gameplay was a little rushed, if it could be slowed down it would be a great game.


Enemies move so fast you can't get out of the way. The player ship also moves at lightning speed right out the gate which can make navigating around obstacles enemy ships way harder than it needs to be. Can't help but wish gameplay was a lot slower. Seems to have potential to be a great shooter! Maybe add 2-players and more enemies on screen at once that shoot at the player ship?