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After the setup (C64c Ntsc mod) Vice Android 2.4 in mod C64c Load the game in autoload or Classic mod Load "*",8 if Load on disk D64 file immage and run. The game go with no problems. Bye to all

PAL only?! I live in the US...

Tell me if you used Vice or other...

What Vice version you use please?

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In First i built the game in Vice C64c pal with Vice 2.4 and 3.1/3.2. you Can use pal mod sinceramente no problems.

Ok today i try the Ntsc mod on My Vice 2.4 . The game run and i play a bit with mo problems. After i try in Windows. And tell you.

Thanks for information pass info to Richard Bayliss

You don't want users playing this on hardware?


It's a PAL only game I'm afraid, hence all the issues on NTSC hardware.  It runs beautifully on PAL hardware however and I've never had the game crash once.

The game crashes pretty consistently on original NTSC hardware.  I also got it to freeze up 1x in VICE in NTSC mode.  I haven't played it much in  PAL mode on VICE, but maybe that is better.   Also, the bonus game Sub Hunt '20 always seems to crash when I surface the sub.  I tried to reach out to Psytronik through their FB page, but got no response.  When it doesn't crash, Sub Hunter is a lot of fun. I guess you get what you pay for.

First set the Vice in mod C64c Ntsc After Load and run game. The gamego  run with no problems. Bye

Ninja Taisen in mod C64c Ntsc 

Ninja Taisen

Vice setup Mod Ntsc. (C64c Ntsc)

Ntsc mod on Vice 2.4 Android

my game contains a code for ntsc for adaptation made by R.Bayliss.  But it's best to play Pal mode on the Vice or on real machines.  And use port2 for single player games

Excellent <3