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Is anyone else having trouble getting this to run on NTSC?  I'm using a Mister FPGA and the game works fine in PAL mode, but when I load it in NTSC, it gets stuck on the splash/loading screen every time.  This only matters when I have it hooked up to a CRT TV instead of my flatscreen because they can't take a PAL/50Hz signal.

Just picked this up. This should be great fun on my c64 mini.

I loved this game so much that a video was born on its own ...

There are no words to describe this work for our beloved 8bit, a game that touches perfection ... Exceptional level design, action-shooter-platform all surrounded by a pleasant plot, graphics and first-rate sound, a title that owns practically everything. I try, but I don't find negative sides in this video game, maybe a little wasteful in the last stages, but nothing really complicated. Thanks for making it and remember "shoot or die!"

Best Sci-fi game on C64 and applause to Lasse Oorni for the awesome music and graphics on the game.

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This was hands down my favorite game of 2018

Awesome game!

All of your games look so perfect! I am, very soon, going to have to get them all!

I absolutely love the music in this game. Is it possible to purchase the soundtrack as MP3/Ogg?

Hi, the music is only available on CD at the moment:-

This game is awesome. I have a hard time putting it down. And it's huge! And on only one disk? I love it. I can only recommend to support the developers. Buy this. 5 stars from me.

It says the download comes with the .PRG file, but I only got the D64 version.

Works great on my C64 maxi, thanks! Greetings from Slovakia

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Just purchased a C64 Maxi and it's a pleasure to play this brillant game a second time - now in the way it deserves!

Is it compatible with C64 Mini???

Yes, it is 100% compatible with the C64 Mini

Thanx so much :-)

does not work on sd2iec, tested on 2 types of sd2iec and 3 different commodore 64, I ask for support thanks.

Hi, the game works perfectly on my sd2iec - what issue are you having?  If it resets when loading from the sd2iec menu, simply type LOAD"*",8,1 (return) and the game should load and run.

A massive achievement! Tense gameplay with fantastic controls, graphics, music and great performance. Upgradeable equipment, different special abilities, interesting story. A great game indeed, very playable and totally worth the money.

Simply an amazing game. Just as playable as any new game released today. Multidirectional scrolling and shooting, saves, great soundtrack, graphics and story. Simply breathtaking.

You guys are amazing!  Everything has come together in this game just perfectly.  It takes the best elements of games like Turrican and Metroid, adds a fantastic soundtrack to the mix and puts it all together into this masterpiece.  Instant classic!

Great game with nice audio. Worked well on my sd2iec. Thanks!

Wow! looks amazing! i loved the music!