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Some Antriad vibes visible there, but..

Pauls involved. Enuf said. Do some Game Jams for the new folks all.

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This is a great game and technically an improvement over the first iteration. However, I do prefer the first game when it comes to gameplay.

Don't get me wrong, the armor suit controls fine and the platforming controls are superb. My main issue with this game is the difficulty curve. 

The first stage was the most difficult in my experience, because you only start out with a maximum of 3 lives. However, this amount increases when you find secret rooms. These aren't very well hidden and I actually found 9 out of 10 secret area's on my first playthrough. So in the later stages, you can carry a lot of lives. It doesn't help either that the lives drop rate of enemies is high as well. 

If the difficulty was higher it would have fixed my second complaint as well. It took me around 3,5 hours to finish it. The first game took me around 5 hours to finish, probably because it was more difficult.

Those are my only two complaints. Everything else is very impressive and a must play for every C64 (Mini) owner.

Bought this thinking I'd get the se version of the 1st souless with it. But it just comes with the regular version. Bit gutted.

Sorry, the SE version of Soulless was produced primarily for backers of the Soulless 1 & 2 vinyl kickstarter. A digital version will be available at a later date. The original version is still a great game though! Nothing to be gutted about there ... !

Does anyone know if this works with an SD2IEC?

yes. Says so on this page.

Finished it with all Crowns Collected! Woohoo. Gameplay was great again, but i think that graphics and Musik where a bit better in Part 1.

Amazing game, I love it!
There's a little thing, I don't know if intentional or not: there il the top left crown in the third level (The TS GR SC) that is not always reachable. Am I missing something or is just random?

Yeah it’s random,  depends what layout the random rooms take. 

hello, i have purchased the Premium disk version.  Will I also get versions of Crt and soulless 1?  Should I buy the digital version again?

Hi! If you've bought a physical version you will have also been sent a download link to all the files in the digital download bundle. Check your spam folder if you can't find the email.

Yes, I have links, but I downloaded the earlier versions without Soulless 1 and the .crt version.

Now the links are refreshed and I have the complete set. Thank you.

On 9/1/21 I ordered 4 Premium Disk, until today I have not received the paid order. Does anyone even read


...and can we say Antiriad now? :D :D Great gfx and work!

Bought! It would be great a crt version.


Looks like some kind of anti-radiation armour.

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From what I'm seeing on the demo GIFs, it's actually a power armor.

Personally, I think it would have been more impactful to not reveal this plot twist in the store page, but eh, minutiae. Game still looks awesome, and when I have cash to spare, I'll surely buy it.

EDIT: I have just realized what you were talking about, LOL. I should play Sacred Armor of Antiriad sometime.

It's kind of hard to hide it as it's on the packaging, load screen, title screen and the game is called "Armour Of Gods" - but hey ;)


Yes :D :D

I love it the another game of anti radiation armour.

Very nice game!

Cheers ;)