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It's cool that this game is included with a firmware-update of the C64 mini. Great game, I finished it and bought Soulless 2. :)


Will the Special Edition be available here too?


Hi, the Special Edition was produced as part of a Kickstarter so a digital download will not be made available - sorry!

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That's sad but I understand! Just purchased Soulless 2 to dry my tears. ;)

edit: On your website I see that if I purchase a physical edition I get a digital version of the game too, so there is a digital download version, just not on

Yes, you do get a digital download if you buy the physical version (the same goes for all the physical releases).

That's sad indeed, because the Special Edition plays much better with the tweaks.


I thought I read somewhere there is an enhanced version of this game. That adds a save feature and some other refinements?


Really nice. I love old school games.

I had a chance  to play this on my C64 Mini (US Version) In fact, I bought Soulless for the purpose of playing it on my C64 MIni. I thought the game was good and had the difficulty of the older games. I actually ended up live streaming this one.

This looks great! NTSC compatible? 

This one also worked fine for me on my NTSC C128,


Just wow! Yes, i could have downloaded it for free, but this game is so much fun and has a great soundtrack. Runs perfectly on my C64 mini.