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Psytronik Software is proud to present the latest adventure featuring ROCKY MEMPHIS from ICON 64. This time Rocky is joined by his friends Spud & Jet. Use their combined skills to solve puzzles spread throughout 12 beautifully designed levels. Have you got what it takes to find the legendary GOLDEN CONDOR statue?


Rocky Memphis, the great adventurer, has discovered the entrance to the lost temple of the great king KU. However this time he will need help to solve the puzzles and find the fabled GOLDEN CONDOR, a beautiful golden statue which once adorned the king's throne.

With his two mates Spud and Jet he has the team with the skills to complete his mission. Close on his heels is his arch nemesis the great french treasure hunter Russo Baluch. Can you reach the treasure first?


· Three controllable characters

· Beautifully detailed graphics

· Stunning backdrops

· Intro & end sequences

· Atmospheric soundtracks

· PAL and NTSC compatible

· SD2IEC compatible

· Easyflash cartridge compatible

· TheC64 Mini + Maxi compatible


Produced by ICON64.

Programmed by Stuart Collier.

Design and graphics by Trevor Storey.

Music by Saul Cross.

Additional cartridge development by Mike Robertson.

ROCKY & CO is also available to order in the following physical editions for the Commodore 64:- Collector's Cartridge Edition, Jewel Case USB Tape, Clamshell USB Tape & Collector's USB Tape Edition. Visit the official Psytronik Online Store for more details!


Rocky & Co is a game for the Commodore 64. You can play the game in an emulator (we recommend VICE for the C64), on a C64 Mini/Maxi or you can port the game onto the real hardware if you have the resources to do so. The download file features the .crt (cartridge), the .d64 (disk) and the .d81 (disk) versions of the game for the C64.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorPsytronik Software
Tags2D, 8-Bit, commodore, Commodore 64, Retro


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Rocky & Co C64 (.crt, .d64, .d81 versions) 4 MB

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Another great release from Psytronik. Fantastic sprites!

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playing on real hardware: C64 with 1541. Missing the "Restart" option after all 5 lives gone. I went a little frustrating: loading Game Over Screen, loading Menue Screen, loading Intro Screen, loading Stage 0.... :-/ very uncomfortable... maybe an Restart Option, that goes straight direct to Stage 0 would be less frustrating

The game is unplayable on my c64 mini could you make an easy mode the speed is too fast. Thanks 

Reason could also be, that the C64-mini has a noticeable input-lag, compared to a real C64 or a good FPGA-hardware and also compared to a software-emulator with a RunAhead function. Therefore the mini is not really suitable, for all kinds of games.

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Very nice and varied, but quite demanding game, the level of difficulty varies greatly. Some later levels even seem a lot easier - at least in direct comparison to the fourth level. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:28:40. A complete longplay can be seen from 06:53:08. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Hi is this game available in Magic Desk cartridge format? I would love that :)


At least a demo file please !


Awesome - 4 stage gameplay

Is the disk version "smart" in terms of disk swaps? I.e. if I copy all files to a double sided diskette for my 1571, will it detect that it has all files or will it still ask for disk swaps?

Just copy all the files over. D64 and D81 are identical in terms of data. Just the dirart is different 

I like it. Similar to The Goonies spirit. The best of the game are the scenarios. The mechanics are a little bit repetitive. The music is very good. Overall the game is great but I think that could be even better.

Would it also be possible for you to make an Easyflash version of the game? There are many people who would like to flash it on their Easyflash 1 or 3 to play it on real hardware.

Yes, it's on it's way (with progres saving back to cartridge). But you can also flash the MD 512kb version to EasyFlash anyway. 

I saw this game live at Zzap! Live 2023 and I was really looking forward to seeing it in action. It looked really great. Now I finally got the chance to purchase a digital download of the game. I'm really looking forward to playing this game on my Ultimate64. Nice one ICON64 + Psytronik ;)

Just great, but I didn't have time to unlock the bonus level, so here is my longplay of the 12 standard levels.

I know how to, I haven't been back through yet to achieve it heh.

nice game

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Great game! I added it to my September C64 Games -video too. 

Weird. Multibutton works on Vice but not on a real C64 with Ultimate2+. I checked on testers and other games that support the second Fire. Both on 8580 and ArmSID. Rocky does not respond to the second button. Other games/programs (e.g. second fire in Briley Witch Chronicles) have no problem. The mouse works in Geos. Does anyone have this problem on a real C64 with U2+?


Hi radius75 I PMed you at csdb. I checked the 2nd button code in BWC and adjusted now. Still working in VICE, need help testing on your setup.

OK, I read your message.


Thanks for the feedback and testing

How does the 2nd button layout work for theC64? I see the zip has multiple versions and CMJ files, which would I use?


You can use any of the crt files on TheC64, they all work.


Very cool (and difficult :D ) game, really love it - here's my short game play video (German):

El juego no está en la carpeta, sólo el manual

Totally awesome and a real gem in my collection of new C64 games! :)


Awesome game!


Here is my tribute to this wonderful game and one that you really need to think on...

not work in Cloanto C64 Forever : /


A very good and addictive game 😁😁

We will be doing a review for the latest issue of K&A PLUS which will be released in November/December. Well done 

Retro Chlop 😎


looks like a fantastic game, but its real hard. I wish there was a trainer... :) but like that it has the 80s vibes of gaming.

Tried reading the manual. P is practise mode with infinite lives.

you can practice 11 levels as much as you want .... then when ready play the normal game (12 levels and bonus if you find the letters ICON)

It would be useful to implement Fire2 (potx) in parallel with hold FIRE and tap DOWN = change character.
Excellent game :)

maybe this is a feature of the collectors edition physical release ;)

A little earlier, I guess ;)

Will there also be a disk version?


yes, as you asked soooo nicely ;)

Did a quick test on Mister and OK up to 2nd level at least =)

I received an email about an updated Ocean .crt that was put in the download section but I'm not seeing it, only the original file still shows so you may want to look into that.

Visually stunning game gents, you should all be very proud!

Maybe include some hints in the download section at some point too for those of us that get stuck easily? :)


Hi, yes, I removed the Ocean cart version as it didn't work at all! The original cart version seems to work on older (and current) versions of WinVICE however.

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Thank You very much for this new great game,
tried the file on C64 Core for MiST but it doesn't work.
On WinVICE no problems.

same here, tried it on Mega65 C64 Core, but I get only blue screen :/

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On C64 Ultimate it works as due. I played it until Stage 3.

The MIST fpga core needs to be updated (probably MISTer too), same for MEGA65.

Use cartconv from vice to change to ocean

Cartconv -t ocean -i rocky.crt -o rocky-ocean.crt

Just tried but the cart has problems (no sound and locks with garbled graphics on title menu). The Core needs to be updated with Magic Desk format support.

fpga64 core has been updated with Magic Desk CRT support https://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?p=451832#p451832

very good

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Very hard game but beautiful - I will need to memorize all the sequences :)


Yes, trial & error is definitely the key with this one. There is an infinite lives feature to help you though.

oh yes loads of trial and error ! Solid game - great job