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Awesome! Thanks!


Not to harp on the subject, but I am surprised to learn it's PAL only, as I have bought about twenty or so Psytronik games in the past and I think only one other game has been PAL only. I was considering buying the budget disk version, but I guess that wouldn't give me the value I'm after. I suppose PAL-fixing it is non-trivial, or it would have been done already like your other games

unless i've missed something (please point it out if i have), what are the games controls?

Use a joystick in port 2. The instructions.txt file gives more details of the objects to collect etc.

Thanks for the heads up about SEUCK...although it looks he's stretching what it can do from the screenshots...I'll still pass.

This game doesn't appear to be NTSC compatible.  I can't say that I'm not disappointed.

Try it on an emulator in PAL mode - problem solved!

Yes, I have been able to play it this way.  It's just that I like to have the option to play the games I buy on my real C64.  Up until now, all of my Psytronik purchases have been playable on my system.  I'm just disappointed that this one doesn't.  My fault, as I should have known to make sure the game description said NTSC compatible.  But, I didn't this time.  So, I left the comment above, in case others are looking for NTSC compatible games.


No worries, I probably should have stated that it was a PAL only release, I will amend the info on the game.

Yes, please do that. I also have an NTSC machine and would like to have played it on real hardware. VICE is good...but not the same. Thanks.