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Occasionally playing this with a friend, this is one of the most sadistic golf games ever XD Superb extras and speech samples. The difficulty level sometimes gets unbelievably maddening, the one where you are supposes to hit the moving rocket just at the right time to make the ball bounce to the hole almost made me give up the game. Multiplayer with more than two players could be fun, but as stated here, would probably take forever to finish. The idea for various planets, obstacles and gravity differences make it more interesting though. Not perfect, but not bad either. Occasionally the ball might get stuck inside a wall, making it impossible to play further without quitting the whole planet. Some kind of ball reset option would be nice for that (no need to reset the strikes though).

One question: If I have already bought one copy of the game and would like to buy another as a gift to said friend, how can I do it here? (for digital version) EDIT: Found out the gifting system, so no problem with that anymore :-)

In addition to SD2IEC it also doesn't seem to support pi1541 or Kung Fu Flash. Stuck with emulation I guess.

See, I'd slap the $4 down in an instant if I got the .crt image to use on my KFF cart.

Oczywiście było grane (in Polish) .

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Hi, i have a white screen after start the Game (C64 Maxi)

Rename the filename. See my reply one comment below.

Hi, is there any reason why this game shouldn't work with the new full size TheC64? I've bought it but just get a blank screen when I try to run the programme.

You need to add _AD to the filename, so the filename be like sidea_game_AD.d64. It worked on my C64 mini

I'd also recommend adding the parameter FH to show all the graphics on screen. So add the flag _ADFH after the filename.

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Planet Golf speed run leaderboards are now live!


Any chance I can have the CRT file? I bought the game, and was hoping to use it with my newly aquired easy flash 3.

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Game is nice. It's a great idea converting a variation of Stickman Golf to the C64. Courses unfortunately are not really smooth. They sometimes are somewhat tiring, you might end up trying back and forth forever. Maybe this is the reason why you can't play the game with more than 2 players, which would be nice, but otherwise might just take too long.  The presentation and artwork however is great, so maybe this just needs a little practice to get into it. I really appreciate that people are doing games like this one, nowadays!

Note that the game won't start if you have two drives connected (which is the case if you use an C128D or SX64 with your 1541-U, even if you switch the internal drive to #9).

Unfortunately I did not find any contact information for anyone who is responsible for this game or merchandise.

Not sure if there's any merchandise yet, but the developer is quite active on twitter: @tonysavon

If you're liking Planet Golf and wanna win free C64 stuff, check out the Tournament running September-October Upload your video streams  and automatically win Kixx cassettes! 

Since when "WC Leaderboard" was released, we couldn't have so much fun with a golf club.  Antonio Savosa did an AWESOME job, it's funny, it's hard... it's an OLD STYLE GAME !!!