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Anybody knows if the game will run from Pi1541?

It truly sucks that cannot be run with more common hardware(1571,1541,etc),  a backbit cart or SD2IEC.  Also, really sad there are no instructions provided looks like a great fun game!

You'll find both at Plus/4 World for free ;)

A great PLATFORM SCROLLING SCREEN game. Would be nice to see a C64 conversion 😁

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I highly recommend to add some documentation how to create a floppy disk with the game. Writing a 40 track floppy is not a daily task even for an experienced Commodore user like me and was quite a puzzle!

In order to help other buyers, here is how I did it: I started with a Commodore 64 with my 1541U2 connected and configured as device 9 and a real 1571 floppy drive connected as drive 8. I used the Maverick copying software. Mount Maverick on the 1541U2 on device 9, load Maverick and select the dual drive GCR nibbler. Then modify the parameters in Maverick to copy all 40 tracks. Now mount the Pet's Rescue D64 image on the 1541U2. Insert a blank floppy disk in the 1571 (can be unformatted). Start the copy operation and the floppy is being created.

Disconnect the Commodore 64 and connect the Plus/4, you can now run Pet's Rescue directly from the 1571.

  • Using a (real) 1541 or 1541-II instead of a 1571 should work.
  • The created disk should be compatible with a 1551, but a 1551 cannot be used to create the disk on a C64.
  • A Commodore 128 counts as a Commodore 64 here.
  • Forget about an SD2IEC: it is not compatible enough for nibble copying. You will really need a 1541Ultimate II.

Can I use ZoomFloppy in order to create the PETRescue disk?

It may work: The d64copy utility has and --end-track command line option, so with --end-track=40, it might do the right thing. Wether it really works... needs to be tested.

Thanks for your answer. I usually use ZooomFloppy with openCBM user interface. Can you explain step-by-step how to tell to the ZoomFloppy to write a 40 tracks disk?

I don't have a Zoomfloppy and thus no experience with the OpenCBM tools, unfortunately.

First of all, congrats for your awesome game !
I would like to run it on an original machine, an expanded C16, using an SD2IEC reader.
Sadly, I can't mount the disk image on the C16 filebrowser, maybe because the D64 image format is 192KB.

Is this correct ?
Is there a way to run it with this kind of setup ?
Thanks !

It is not possible, the SD2IEC does not support 40 track disk images and does not support the fast loader used by the game. You can run the game on an expanded C16 using the procedure I describe above.

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Not sure if my plus/4 is fugged.. but i cant get this to load from the pi1541

EDIT: My plus/4 is fugged :(

Has anyone been able to get this to run on a real Plus 4 using a SD2IEC?

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It is not possible, the SD2IEC does not support 40 track disk images and does not support the fast loader used by the game. You can run the game on a real Plus/4 using the procedure I describe above.

We distributed for free a slightly downcut version which works on SD2IEC. See here:


Nice game - thank you very much!

It works nice under VICE - except for the title picture.

I couldn't get YAPE to work under my Linux and to be true, i am used to VICE.

By the way, the default disk drive in VICE is a 1551. But i could only get this game to work when changing the drive to a 1541. Maybe you could add that to the documentation for the VICE users.

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That's weird, it should regularly work on any device, check your boot loading syntax ;)
We don't support VICE as strongly as by writing docs for it, due the facts that at the moment VICE doesn't ensure a reliable emulation of the 264 series' C= machines.

this is unexpectedly nice game !! thank devs.

its another new year's present. :)

but one pity thing is ...
title picture is broken on xplus4 of WinVice 3.1.

I recommend you use Yape rather than WinVice - title screen displays perfectly in Yape :)

thanks !!

Yape worked perfectly. no more broken image !