Organism end sequence

Greetings from the Psytronik HQ!

There has been a bit of confusion about how to access the Organism end sequence.  When you complete the game using the DISK version the end sequence will automatically load and run. You will then need to enter the access code given to you when you complete the game.

The end sequence for the tape version needs to be loaded separately. When you complete the game note down the access code for the end sequence. Now reset your C64 (or emulator) and load the supplied org_end.tap file.  Please note that this file was missing from the original download bundle but this issue has been rectified with the current download bundle.

Enjoy the game!

Kenz / Psytronik 9/10/19


Organism V2.0 (C64) Psytronik Software 748 kB
Oct 09, 2019

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And those of us who bought the tape through binary zone?

The end sequence can be found on the tape after the main game.  If you have a download link you can now re-download it for the latest version of the download bundle.