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Just download, but its the same version as 2021.
Game freeze on my THEC64 Maxi at very start when you move to right after 2 seconds.
You write this an update in 28 feb 2023, but the files are 2021 dated.

Very nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 00:38:40. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Back in the game!


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Ein hervorragendes Videospiel. Mich haben die Sprites, Farbgebung und den Aufbau der Welt voll überzeugt. Die Musik scheint ein Klassiker zu sein, zumindest kommt sie mir sehr stark bekannt vor. ;)
Überzeugt euch selbst in meinem “Durchgespielt“.
Beste Grüße, euer 8-BitFlo

I just finished this interesting platform game in a thirty minute ride on a real car. I emphasize that there is going blind on Commodore 1084s due to the graphic definition, where many times it is really difficult to see the traps in advance. On modern devices, of course, everything will be more squared but clear. I don't understand why our in-game character doesn't match the one shown on the cover, where she has neither a hood nor she is blonde. Beyond all of this, I highly recommend buying this game, especially due to the very low price it sells. Especially recommended for those who love challenges with tense nerves and quick reflexes!


I'm playing Nixy on c64 using Vice on macOS. The game loads everything including the music but no key on the keyboard works especially the arrows don't go and I can't select anything. Am I doing something wrong?

Did you enable joystick emulation?


I will add to the comments requesting an NTSC version! 

The game screen scrolls both horizontally and vertically. This might be the reason the game is not compatible with NTSC.

Been waiting to play this on my actual C64,before this i spent a couple hundred to fix up an old C64,new Sid chip,new power supply and what not.Kind of pisses me off they'd release a game being PAL only.

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I really enjoyed this game: inspiring graphics, simple and fun gameplay, and a very beautiful music! 25 years passed since the last time i buyed a c64 game, and this made the experience of playing this game so magic for me. Thank you <3

I tried the updated version on my C64 Maxi but it still has the annoying color shifts when scrolling starts/stops.

What display settings are you using? I use European PAL 4:3 CRT on my C64Maxi and it looks superb on an HDMI TV - I've played through the whole game and haven't seen any of the colour / scrolling issues you mentioned.

It doesn't matter - every mode I try, North America, Europe, CRT, or not and I get the color shift when scrolling stops.

Fantastic game! Any chance you could include an Easyflash CRT image in the distribution? This format is widely supported on real hardware by Easyflash/Easyflash3/U2+/U64/Kung Fu Flash/etc.  The gmod2 CRT included now is only useful for emulator users..

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I look into making an Easyflash version of the latest update available.

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Thanks a lot!  I was able to make an Ocean CRT version from your gmod2 using 'cartconv', which should work with all the devices I mentioned


That's great! I just tried the same thing and it worked! I will update the download bundle to include this updated version of the .crt file - thanks for the tip!


Just updated the latest files for Nixy. I noticed that the CRT file does not work at all now on my C64 Maxi, whereas the original file with the bug DID work! Has anybody noticed this on their C64 Maxi? The D64, PRG, and TAP FILES load fine. I wish Psytronics would check these problems before releasing new updates. Or at least notify that the CRT file doesn't work on C64 Maxi. It might also have been courteous for them to reply to my previous comments too. The same observation was made by another reviewer in response to mine. 

Hi, sorry to hear you had a problem loading the .crt file. You can use the .prg, .tap or .d64 versions in the C64Maxi which should work with no problems in PAL mode. Enjoy the game!

For some reason, it seems the developer changed cartridge format to gmod2 in the updated release.  I noticed the CRT  didn't work with my U2+ or Kung Fu Flash. So no surprise it's not working for "TheC64" either..

But now it works, right?

The .crt now works, yes.

Thanks for the update :) - does it work on JiffyDOS and DolphinDOS now?

Hi, unfortunately I do not have JiffyDOS or DolphinDOS so I have no way of testing it on these. Sorry.

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Alright - but perhaps you can use this one to test with? (DolphinDOS 2)

Hi David, I have installed the ROM into WinVice (changing the Computer Kernal + Drive Kernal) and the Nixy .d64 file loaded fine.

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Sure but it's the CRT. Did that work too? - When I use the CRT - after two intro-screens I get black screen and weird noises.

Hi David, does Dolphin DOS even support .crt images? It sounds like a disk operating system to me. In which case the .d64 should work fine (which is why I include all the different versions in the download bundles - to cater for everyone's hardware setups).

very good

Great game & a really nice cohesive style, rarely seen on the C64.  However I managed to trigger a bug where game freezes & cycles border color.  Seems there's an infinite loop at address $2a7c - no way out once you're in there.  Can send you a VICE snapshot if you need it.  Otherwise thumbs up!

Lovely game. Very fine attention to detail. One small thing. I'm playing it on a C64 Maxi. I've noticed on the levels where there's foliage on the the trees the hue changes to a deeper green when scrolling left or or right and changes to a more lighter insipid green when stationary. I've tried the game on the Frodo emulator for Android and there's no obvious change in hue. I'm guessing it must be something to do with the C64 Maxi emulation. Comments would be helpful. Brilliant rendition of the ZX Spectrum version, in fact better.

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I see the same issue on my TheC64 Maxi but it's not just the foliage - the brown of tree trunks changes, the purple of the bricks changes.

I noticed your observations after I posted my comments. The colour hue changes to a deeper shade when scrolling left or right and also vertically, up or down, and returns to an insipid hue when the Nixy character stops. I haven't noticed this effect on the YouTube reviews so conclude those videos were made with original machine or perhaps using the Vice emulator. The effects, as already mentioned, don't appear on my Android Frodo emulator. I'm guessing it must be the C64 Maxi emulation. At least I now know it's not just my C64 Maxi! Perhaps Psytronics might proffer an explanation. Thank you for your reply. BW, Michael 

Anthony Savva hat bei der Portierung dieses ZX Spectrum Hits ganze Arbeit geleistet und ein richtig tolles Spiel rausgebracht!

Auf meinem YouTube Kanal habe ich es im Rahmen der C64 Spielzeit vorgestellt. Schaut doch mal vorbei:

Loving the game so far, nearly completed it last night but made a stupid mistake and failed :(

I really like the graphical style and animations - they look superb.  I did run across one bug though.  I jumped up and got stuck in the scenery at one point and could not jump or move from that spot so had to restart the game.  I took a photo to show where this happened.



I got stuck exactly the same way!!!! A instant-death keyboard shortcut bringing you to the last checkpoint (losing a life point, obviously) would be a great addition to the game, but maybe fixing this level design issue would be even better. :-)

Great game, anyway, i am really enjoying it!

I've let the programmer know about the bug, hopefully a fix can be made.


The exact same thing happened to me.

I purchased the downloads file for my c64 mini, but it freezes up every time the game boots up. Anyone else having this issue? I have the same issue with Dead Precinct. Every other game Ive bought works great!

I have an real C64 (NTSC), it freezes up 5 sec after starting the game.

Thats what mine is doing. As soon as i move the sprite to the right, it freezes.

i just noticed on mine, if i wait 5-10 seconds after the game starts, it plays fine.

It says up there that works on PAL only :-/

I don't think that note was there when I bought it, but I'm not going to make a fuzz over $2 :-). I hope they make an NTSC patch, my 6 year old really wanted to play it.

Can't you simply switch to PAL emulation on your Mini?

I have an actual C64 from the 80s.

Hi, I've been unable to replicate the problem on PAL (UK) machines so it looks like it's an NTSC issue I'm afraid.

GREAT game :) - thank you! - do you know why the cartrigde / CRT version doesn't work when I use Dolphin DOS kernal?

It also doesn't work with JiffyDOS, the DolphinDOS Patch version (the ones with the colored stripes). No biggie, I can just remind myself to boot in stock

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Absolutely beautiful game! I love it so so much! So cute! :3 Adorable!  ^^' In-game music is a super cool C64 adaptation of "Klaus Lage - Die absolute Frau". :3 Which sounds fantastic too! Maybe credit the man too. :3

Also, many thanks for supplying the TheC64 versions and Ultimate64 versions!

I'll play it from tape, no kidding, I enjoy the "slow" loading.

Congrats, Andy and team. Great job 🎉👍🏼
I'm really happy that this ZX Spectrum classic is now available for Commodore 64 enthusiasts as well.