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I just picked this up, can't wait to try it.

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How do you save the game on Metal Warrior 4 - I tried using the cartridge then Save - Slot 1 - and it won't load from it - I tried using the disk - and inserting a blank disk before saving - and the same - loading any save doesnt work - and nothing gets saved to the blank disk.

(Using Real HW + Ultimate 2+)

The more I play this classic series, the more I love it.  I hadn't heard of it before this quadrilogy was announced. Great collection of games from the forgotten era of C64!

Any chance of a budget disk release of this please? I'd like to get it physically but don't want to spend £40 for the collectors edition. Thanks.

Hello Steve, a budget version won't be available I'm afraid as the physical edition of the game requires 3 x floppy disks.

Ok that does make sense now you mention it. Thanks,