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Stuart Collier & Trevor Storey have teamed up once again and have recruited the musical talents of Saul Cross to bring you ROCKY MEMPHIS - THE LEGEND OF ATLANTIS.  Explore the ancient temple ruins on a quest to find the secret of the lost city of Atlantis!  Use all your cunning and skill to search the rooms in the temple for clues, useful objects and hidden switches.  Watch out for the deadly inhabitants of the temple including bats, scorpions and lethal boobytraps!

THE LEGEND OF ATLANTIS is also available in the following formats for the C64:-

The COLLECTOR'S EDITION is presented in a stunning fully printed glossy box that contains the game on floppy disk, artwork stickers, a deluxe art card, badges, glossy game artwork poster and a detailed printed map.

The PREMIUM PLUS DISK EDITION of the game is presented with full colour double-sided artwork in a clear plastic disk case.

The BUDGET DISK EDITION features a 5.25" floppy disk presented in a full colour glossy disk-sleeve with a glossy disk label and printed instruction booklet.

The C64 TAPE EDITION features the game on cassette tape presented with a glossy full colour double-sided tape inlay.


 For centuries men have searched for clues to the once great city of Atlantis. But in the heart of Africa, in the centre of a dried inner ocean the last remaining temples of Atlantis have remained. Water now replaced by sand, hidden from man for thousands of years. Yet on the other side of earth, in the new world lie clues waiting to be discovered. Clues that point the way to a temple in North Africa and possibly the path to Atlantis.


· Lots of screens to explore
· Detailed hi-res graphics
· Atmospheric music
· Cunning traps and puzzles to solve
· Lots of objects to collect and use
· Intro & end sequences
· SD2IEC compatible
· PAL and NTSC compatible 


Coding by Stuart Collier
Game Design & Graphics by Trevor Storey
Music by Saul Cross
Packaging Artwork by Trevor Storey

Compatible with THEC64 MINIi!

Note: This release is not endorsed by or officially linked to THEC64 MINI but is fully compatible with the system.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorPsytronik Software
GenreAction, Adventure
Tags8-Bit, Arcade, Commodore 64, explore, puzzles, Retro, Traps


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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One of my favorites! I come back to it from time to time.

Definitely a cool little game.
I do wish it had some of the fixes of the 'follow up' Shadow over Hawksmill such as a life bar.

Great game. It deserves the little price. I enjoyed a lot to play it in c64 emulator. Congrats!!!

Really cool game for the C64! So many good things about the game, the atmosphere and the pacing is fun, and the music is great.

As for weak points, the fighting is a bit tedious, as is the searching for missed items as the game map gets bigger. The repetitive music exaggerates the tediousness a bit. And it was really hard, only few lives and instant death traps did not mix well :( I was unable to finish it on a C64 after several tries, and eventually frustrated and reverted to playing it on an emulator with save scumming.

Although, feels odd to write so much about the negative points, since the game was definitely an entertaining experience! Got a little bit of C64 Treasure Island vibe to it with the structuring, and ending atmosphere somehow reminded of Pitfall 2. Looking forward to playing your other titles!

I still play. Super game on my Commodore 64: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpBOE3KFcxo&list=PL8Nr4EvZLkSLoBFrXiJg51RXzpQYxWMzk&index=21

Very nice game, but i don’t like the long jumps and the fact that you have absolutely no clue where to find items on the ground, but overall a lot of fun!


after playing this for a few days now! it's an incredible game which has allot of thought gone into it. the art work is superb and gives most 8-bit games a run for it money! I love this game it's become one of my all time favourites like last ninja! thank you for making this game

Good to hear you enjoy it - Keep an eye out for "Shadow over Hawksmill" - same team, similar kind of game. next year.


I've just finished V4.0 and had a great time, thanks for making the game.  But, there's a bug in the end sequence, the horizontal sprite expansion register isn't cleared, which can cause some sprite glitches.

V5.0 seems to have fixed that bug, thanks.