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Hi. I bought this Psytronik game when it first released from binar While my download link still works, I only get the d64. Is there a way of getting the .crt without having to re-purchase?

Hi, please email me at with your details and I will sort out a download link for you.

Thank you. I forwarded my original purchase email from you, including my order number, dating back to 2011.

No problem! Email received and link sent as requested. Have fun!

Hi, where is the .tap file for Fairy Well ?  I looked in all three zip files.  I only see the .prg file.  The description says the download file features .tap for Fairy Well.  Thanks

Hi, sorry, that was a mistake on the page. Fairy Well is only available as a .prg file. I have now corrected the error.

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I'm experiencing a super annoying loading issue on Mister FPGA when transitioning to wyvern caves. I even tried changing storage media, but nothing helps. Not only that, but I cannot progress in the game, if I press space it keeps displaying the same error. Any suggestions ? I have the Download version bought here, even tried redownloading but no dice. Below the error screen : 

Hi, a new easyflash .crt version of the game has been added to the download bundle - hopefully this version will work for you?

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Unfortunately, Mister Fpga's C64 core does not support saving in easyflash format.By the way, it turned out that dolphin dos was the culprit; I switched back to the standard C64 kernel, and the game now loads properly. So yay ! Fixed ! Thanks guys for the reply; the game is great.

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The game doesn't works with my Kung fu flash?

Hi, a new easyflash .crt version of the game has been added to the download bundle - hopefully this version will work for you?

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Thanks, but the .crt file doesn't exist.


You need to download the game again - it's in the new updated download bundle.

More animtion to the dragon could be better.

I have been loving this game on my TheC64 Maxi. Haven't beaten it yet, but hoping I can soon. This is currently my favorite Commodore 64 game. 

Is this compatible with SD2IEC?

The download file features the .d64 (disk version), .tap (tape version) and .prg (c64 program files).

Does it work with TAP and PRG?


The .tap and .prg versions are of the Fairy Well bonus game only - the main Knight 'n' Grail game uses a disk multiload so is not tape compatible.

Hi, could you please give some information about compatibility with the c64 mini?

I can confirm it works perfectly...even down to saving.


Thanks for your response 😊