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Holy hell - this is a great game - could not believe how long had passed when I finished the video - a true classic and a time sink.

Here is my tribute...

That's a great video! Thank you for the coverage, I have embedded it onto this page.

Absolute pleasure and thank you for embedding - really apprichated. :)

A must have. I loved every minute of the game. Sometimes a little difficult to find the secret walls or secret buttons. Great sprites and animations, puzzles, every thing is perfect. I enjoyed a lot this game. Recommended. 10/10

I love this game. It is very playable and the difficulty level is just perfect.

Love this game! First game in many years that's actually keeping me interested enough to play it. Hope to see a sequel! Thanks for all the hard work and creativity!

Just finished the game and loved it- I wonder what the Triangular-shaped machine is for though... 

I love it, thanks a lot :)

I love this game!!!

Me encanta este juego! ese salto del personaje es maravilloso y los gráficos tan simples pero tan claros :)


I loved this game so much I started the Spectrum port before a change in my life made it impossible for me to continue with it.

If you like retro platform puzzle games pick it up and play it in an emulator.  If you have a real C64 in your life you should already own it on physical release :)

Me too, although I had to stop for different reasons.  (Note: video contains a couple of spoilers)