Hessian v1.2 now available!

A new version of Hessian is now available to download from the main Hessian page.  v1.2 contains all the updates from previous versions along with the following:-


- Ensure survivable amount of oxygen in save
- Minor graphics and enemy placement fixes
- Improved one of the upgrade puzzles
- Edited message on one of the computer terminals to explain the upgrade puzzle


- More ammo dropped by enemies
- Minor increase to range of melee attacks
- Minor weapon balance adjustments
- Duck-fire by simply pressing fire+down
- No splash damage from own explosive weapons
- Roll maneuver needs longer input before initiating
- Ensure enemies don't spawn close to player at corridor ends
- Improved explosion of the high walker enemy
- Improved fastloader from Steel Ranger


Kenz / Psytronik 2/3/2018


Hessian v1.2 (C64 Disk) Psytronik Software 278 kB
Mar 02, 2018

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