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Still stucked in temple of light, games freez.

i've just downloaded this game today, but it skips past the full intro music & story. i've seen it with the music & intro on Youtube. Never had this problem with a game before. Has anyone else had an issue with this? i'm a bit dissapointed.

I Got same issue, be sure to click fire only once and listen to the story and than fire again. My game is freezing in temple of light

Just started playing this game. Really enjoying it! Anyone know what the skulls are used for? Also, I can't seem to enter Forest of the Dead and Sacred Woods from the North. Also can't get into Frozen Caverns...unless the skulls are used to unlock those doors, but not able to use them.

Does the 2 MB download version include the map and instruction manual?

Any inspiration from Obitus on the Amiga, for Argus?

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i'm not sure if it's glitching or what but when i enter the temple of light black screen appears. i'm playing .tap version, can anyone help please? BTW it's awsome game i have a party on 6th and i'm not sure if the EZ flash will be delivered till this date... Cheer, Best Regards and Many Thanks. I also can't save on tape...

Ive Just bought a tape from binaryzone, i hope it solve the problem, cheers

Please help, i got the same problem with cassette.

Black in the temple of light, what irony .. It never got fixed ?

The game (yes i know obitus) is a very good c64 port, nice graphics, very smooth and fully compatible with my c64 mini. 

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Finally, a dungeon crawler done right!  I'm enjoying this adventure very much.  Although, I feel that the game could improve upon a couple of things, as I've mentioned in my blog post here:

Outstanding work !!! :D