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Any suggestions on how to type £ in vice?  


Well i ended up making a customezed keymapping in vice/vic20/gtk3_pos-pound.vkm with the following snippet

# |Bit 6|POUND|  *  | ; ] | / ? | S_R |  =  | A_UP| HOME|
sterling        6 0 8
# make pound available on F10, because it's not typeable otherwise
F10             6 0 8

the last two lines were my addition.  This lets me play the game on [;'/ to move, ] for stairs, \ to attack and F10 to run.   There's probably a more natural mapping  but this allows the minimum of changes for any other games and programs.

However, the game itself is .. impossible?  A typical fight (which doesn't appear to give any feedback until it's over?) costs about 5 hit points, or half my health, and gives around 0-3 gold.  Healing costs 50 gold.   So I'm just running out of money fast until broke and then dead.

As for Realms of Quest II (2), it seems the second version, written "Realms of Quest II +" is capable of saving to the floppy image, so it's probably the one you want to use.  The first one thinks it should save to tape, and the "mega" version doesn't seem to have a save. 

(Edit: Joke's on me, I can't figure out how to load in Realms of Quest II +.  Just use the version from Realms of Quest IV disk B)


Realms of Quest III has the same problem as Realms of Quest 1:  no money.   

Also the "Quit game" feature should probably be able to be disabled.  It's much to easy to fumble into when trying to leave town.  Probably hide it under ctrl-shift-Q or something.  

If possible it would also be a good idea to instead of making the menu a triple-toggle, make it three areas.  "training grounds" "shops and inns" "character menu" with run-stop or something going back to the top level and/or exiting.


Oh, and the PDF could use some info on how to load up the collection.

 Put Disk B (or side B) in a drive.  


If your vic20 is unexpanded, this should bring up the menu.  At least in Vice with expanded memory, it generates a messages about rebooting with unexpanded configuration, and then you have to do the LOAD and RUN again.


Any hints on finishing Realms of Quest 1?  On level 6 of the dungeon I can't find stairs down.  I've tried walking through all the walls.  None of the spells seem relevant.  Could there just be an edit error in the maze walls?   ( Edit: Seems the manual fooled me by talking about 1-6 chosing the spell power.  Instead it chooses the set of spells )

Welp, I'm a fool.  Realms of Quest 4 comes with vastly improved versions of Realms of Quest 1 and 2.

Hi and thanks for these wonderful games. Tried to run them on THEC64. No problems with part I and II but 3 and 4 don‘t run (only the start menu).

Is there a way to find the instruction manual of part 1 and 2 somewhere? The pdf describes mainly part 3...

released for free !!

thanks !!!