Pains 'n' Aches C64Mini .d82 version now available!

Good news adventurers!

A .d82 version of Pains 'n' Aches has been created that can be run on the C64mini.  This means you can now play through the entire the game without having to swap the disk!  

How to load the game into the C64mini:-

Copy the pna.d82 file onto a C64MINI compatible USB memory stick. Insert the memory stick into your C64MINI and press the power button. On the carousel screen select the USB stick and choose the PNA file.  The game will now load and run automatically.

NOTE: When you reach the stage in the game where it asks you to flip the disk you do not have to, simply press FIRE to load the next section and resume playing.

Have fun!

The Psytronik team 19/1/2019


Pains 'N' Aches (.d82 C64Mini file) 233 kB
Jan 19, 2019

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i've purchased the game. it's a great game. Thank a lot.

i use retroarch/libretro to emulate c64 and i want to use .d82 disk image to avoid disk change. Unfortunnally retroarch don't recongnize this format (with winvice  we  have to configure IEEE488 interface, but i can't do it with the vice core embeded in retroarch).
However, retroarch/libretro recongnize .d81 format.

It would be possible to provide this game in  .d81 format ?

Great game. Congrats to all the team! 10/10

This is great news but how do those of us who already bought the game and were sent the original 2 disk file obtain it? Are there plans to automatically send it out?

Also, if I may ask, how long does it take to send the physical copy for the deluxe package? I ordered mine on January 3rd but have yet to receive anything, or been given a tracking number. Could someone please look into this for me?

Kind Regards

The file in the original download link has now been updated to contain the c64mini version - download it again to obtain the file.  I'm currently working through the Christmas order backolog so you should receive notification of your order being dispatched very soon.


Received it today and very impressed. Great stuff.