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I love the idea of this game! I do have an issue however. It works perfectly fine on the C64 Maxi, but crashes every time I choose G or I at the start on the C64 Mini. Both running latest firmware, English_AD file used. I am in the USA and I believe this is a Pal to NTSC issue. I have the NTSC C64 Mini. I have taken your file and added the flag TP and it works fine now. So - English_ADTP.D64 is the correct settings for NTSC Mini systems. Would be wonderful if you included that revision in your download as well so everyone can enjoy!

Loving the game so far but I need to read a manual, haha. NO idea what to do so far. But fun to experiment with. Excited to play this!


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Thanks. I had the same issue but it's sorted thanks to you.

Kind regards 

Awesome! Glad to help :)