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Sorry for the trouble regarding SDIEC compatibility with Honey Bee. The game used an IRQ fast loader system on the loading bitmap. I have now fixed this loader to give the user a choice whether or not to use the IRQ loader, or load the game without it. The new D64 has now been sent to Psytronik for uploading.


Hi, I bought the game and I ask you if there is a way to skip the infinite starting music. I have tried all the keys. Thanks.

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This game does not work on the sd2iec device. Prg version is not available :-(


I'm not sure if this will help but I have found that a lot of games that don't work on an sd2iec will work if you extract the contents from the .d64 image and place them in a folder on the sd card.  You can use a program like DirMaster to do this.

Again, I haven't tried this with this game but it's worth a shot.